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The Hot Hits online spot

Motion graphics spot for the hot hits in real life featuring Neon Trees

MCM Media

This combines some of my motion graphics, 3D and camera work into one reel.

Graeme Phillips

Combined Showreel

Nokia Lumia Breakdown

Breakdown of motion graphics and DaVinci grade for Nokia Lumia Dance starring Nacho Pop. Shot on RED created for cinema and online.

MCM Media

Shoot, direct, edit, grade, motion, animate, 3D, VFX, produce, deliver... done.

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Motion Reel

Here's some pixels that I made move, then I added some tunes.

After Effects and 3D.

Graeme Phillips

Vevo GoShow - Labrinth BTS

I cut this piece together in Final Cut Pro, then transferred to Adobe Premiere for a quick grade

MCM Media

Sam Kekovich - Blinder

Grass roots football campaign to promote "Blinder" the movie.

Producer, Edit, Grade, Motion Graphics, Sound Mix.

Big Dog Creative

Nokia Content Branding

Animation of Nokia phone integration into graphics package for the pre-movie cinema show The Hoyts Insider

MCM Media

Dare Iced Coffee

I had the opportunity to create the majority of motion graphics for this ad break "take-over" TVC for Dare Iced Coffee.

MCM Media

Microsoft Case Study

We filmed a case study for Microsoft in Thailand and Indonesia.

My roles were DOP, Online and motion graphics.

MCM Media

Aria Chart Awards

I created motion graphics elements for the Aria Charts Awards event

MCM Media

Blinder Trailer

I had the opportunity to put my motion graphics skills to use on the title cards for the official Blinder trailer

Big Dog Creative

Olay Make-Under

A very fun video to make for Mediacom's client Procter & Gamble.

I shot with 2 DSLRs, directed, edit & motion graphics.

MCM Media

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